August’s First Birthday Photoshoot

Family Photography

Children’s first birthday photoshoot!

Little boy wearing a striped jumper stands in front of paper decorations that say "Happy Birthday!"
My son August turned one during lockdown, so we created a small but special celebration together with our family at home! These are a few photographs I took of our special day.
A curly haired toddler wearing a striped shirt sits on his couch with birthday decorations around him
Curly hair little boy with a pacifier holds a wrapped birthday present

First birthdays are special milestones that are wonderful to capture with a professional family photographer. Whether celebrating with a small group of friends and family or having a larger celebration, a family photographer can help make your child’s first birthday photoshoot one that you’ll remember and cherish!

A birthday cake sits on a wooden table, with a decoration that says "Happy Birthday August!"
Love the delicious birthday cakes from Violet Cakes London!

For a first birthday photoshoot, my advice is to relax and let whatever happens happens. Kids, especially at that age, are unpredictable! Trying to pose a child can lead to results that you might not like. I instead prefer to take a documentary-style approach and capture the birthday celebration as it unfolds. Opening presents, having a cake cutting or cake smash, playing with friends and cuddling with family members are all great moments to capture. If you are having an entertainer, we can also capture the fun and excitement as they interact with the children!

Toddler boy with blue eyes stands in front of a set of wrapped birthday presents
A smiling young boy holds up two bows taken from wrapped birthday presents

If your family is interested in scheduling a first birthday photoshoot, I’m available for bookings throughout the London metro area! I specialize in naturally lit, documentary style family photography at home. My approach is relaxed, and I prefer to capture moments as they naturally unfold. I believe the less pressure on your children and family, the better the results! I would love to create memories with you and your family, and look forward to hearing from you!

A father's arms hold up a laughing toddler boy into the air

February 20, 2023